Materia Vivendi Writing & Imagery - Freelance writing, author, focusing on health & wellness, nature & environment, ethics.

Freelance Writer | 

Words, and their meaning, matter. This said, we make a distinction between freelance writing and writing as a freelance author: A piece which has been requested by a publication, nonprofit, or educational institution, an article covering a specific story / topic, or content with a niche-theme, are examples of freelance writing we provide. 


Freelance Author | 

We write because of a deeply rooted wish to preserve that which is good, draw awareness to that which is wrong or unjust, and to help create positive change when it is necessary. When we write as an author, the impetus for our work draws from within—stemming from our extensive experience working in the field of complementary / integrative health; studies in language, art history, and animal sciences; living in several countries; and abundant time spent in the great vault of nature, through all seasons, at altitudes and latitudes.


Concept Development and Content

Expand · Refine · Develop | 

Ideas are wonderful things. Concepts may take us to unprecedented places. Without some boundaries, as well as opening of closed doors, both idea and concept may fail to flourish: We would like you to thrive in what you do by expanding on your concept, while maintaining a realistic outlook and manageable objectives. Note that we focus on niche concepts—particularly health, wellness, and mind-body. 


Website Review · Editing |  

Website creation is not everyone's cup of tea. Yet, it has become a necessary part of letting the world—or your local community—know about your nonprofit organization, integrative health practice, a conservation and sustainability project, or perhaps a niche service which you hope will create a positive change in the world. Focused, quality content writing and concept development, combined with a clean, optimized website help bring your message to others.  


Materia Vivendi Illustration & Writing

Illustration · Imagery | 

Writing and well-chosen words create an image, a story. That image may hold various connotations, both representational and conceptual. Similarly, visual images such as illustrations are capable of telling grand stories or simple tales, creating concepts and ideas, or waking the imagination. Please ask us about this aspect of our work, and how it may be added to your work.


Book Content | 

Anyone who writes (or tried to write and could not) understands the meaning of writer's block. Although we do not provide 'ghost' writing, we can assist in writing book pages which are not writing themselves.

Aphorisms · Vers Libre | 

For those who appreciate the effect and impact of words on the mind and spirit. These pieces may be written on request; however, we maintain copyright.